Conna History Committee


Conna History Committee is a sub-committee of Conna Community Council. It was formed in 1990 to raise the awareness of Conna’s rich heritage and to record local history events, making them accessible to young and old alike. The History Committee has succeeded in achieving this goal and the constant stream of books produced since its inception is proof of this.

Conna district is a small rural community in North East Cork but it is steeped in history and tradition with a wealth of folklore. Its castles, church ruins, old burial grounds and other ancient sites and monuments are a clear indication of all this. With links to such major historical figures as Cromwell and Sir Walter Raleigh, the events that took place in Conna down through the centuries are a microcosm of what happened in Ireland as a whole.

The following are some of the publications of Conna History Committee: These books are available for sale.


The present members of Conna History Committee are Tom Finn (0862149601) and Pa Barry. While no books are being written at present they continue to research historical information relevant to Conna and regularly publish this on the quarterly magazine, Conna and District News.