Conna & District News

Conna and District News was first started in 1974 and is now in its 41st year. It has changed a lot since then but it provides the same service of informing people of local news and announcing upcoming events.

The newsletters are important as they are a social history of our local community. These booklets contain details and statistics that are probably found nowhere else. Writing about events and details in the newsletter ensures that they are on record and will always be there for posterity.

There is a collection of every copy of the newsletter stored in the history room at the Social Centre. This collection is available to everyone to look at for research purposes etc.

This history room has still loads of storage space available i.e. filing cabinets, cupboards, drawers etc. If anyone has material or documents of local interest that they may like to donate to the council, the history room is the ideal place to store it safely.

Thanks to all the PRO’s and contributors, the shopkeepers and post offices who stock the newsletters for us and also the sellers who stand outside the churches in all kinds of weather. The sales of the newsletters continue to hold up.

Subcommittee members; Toscan0017m Finn (editor), Noreen Hamilton, Sheila O’Leary and Gerard O’Mahony.


Spring 2016 Newsletter