Conna Community Council

A voluntary, democratically elected organisation whose aim is to promote community development in the Conna area. Affiliated to Muintir na Tíre, a national community self-help movement. Primarily working through a variety of committees and subcommittees.

Elections take place every two years. The next election is due to take place September 2023. Extra people who are interested can be co-opted onto the Council through nomination by local clubs.

Elected Officers (2021-2023)
Chairperson:                         James Spillane
Vice Chair:                             Carol Shortt
Secretary:                              Ger O’Mahony
Assistant Secretary:             Noreen Hamilton
Treasurer:                              Frances Twomey
Assistant Treasurers:           Pa Barry & Patrick Hickey
PRO:                                       Richard Barry
Assistant PRO:                      Lorna Dunlop


Bingo:                                     Frances Twomey
Childcare Facility:                 Noreen Hamilton
Community Care:                 Chris Dinneen
Drama:                                   John Leahy
Finance:                                 Pat Lee
History:                                  Tom Finn
Horticulture Show:               Marion Morrison
Housing for the Elderly:       Michael Joyce

Lottery:                                  Gary Dunlop
Management:                        Marion Morrison, Noreen Hamilton & Paddy O’Leary
Newsletter:                            Tom Finn
Tidy Towns:                           Paudie Meehan
Sports Field:                          James Spillane
Web site and Facebook:       Lorna Dunlop
Youth Club:                            Mag Walsh


Community Council Members 2021-2023

Pa Barry, Carrigmore
Richard Barry, Carrigmore
Sean Clancy, Conna
John Corcoran, Shanakill
Susan Cotter, Ballynoe Road
Siobhan Davern, Kilclare Upper
Chris Dinneen, Monagown
Gary Dunlop, Castlebrook
Lorna Dunlop, Castlebrook
Ber Feeney, Carrigeen
John Finn, Carrigeen
Tom Finn, Carrigeen
John Flynn, Cois Cille
Margaret Foley, Aghern East
Noreen Hamilton, Killavorilla
Pat Hickey, Curraglass
Patrick Hickey, Ballybride
Eugene Hurley, Conna
Michael Hurley, Knocknagopple
Michael Joyce, Aghern
John Kelleher, Knockastickane
Sinead Kelleher, Conna
John Leahy, Carrigmore
Pat Lee, Aghern
Aileen Lynch, Shanakill
Michael Mangan, Curraheen
Paudie Meehan, Conna
Marion Morrison, Curraheen
Michael Mulcahy, Curraglass
Rachel Murphy, Clashagannive
Michael O’Brien, Modeligo
Audrey O’Keeffe, Knockmourne
Paddy O’Leary, Ballybride
Karl O’Leary, Clashagannive
Sheila O’Leary, Castleview
Gerard O’Mahony, Spikle
Lisa O’Mahony, Monagown
Carol Shortt, Clashagannive
James Spillane, Killavorilla
Noeleen Tanner, Carrigeen
Frances Twomey, Conna
Niamh Twomey, Knockmourne
Margaret Walsh, Kilclare Upper
Viola Zajac, Castlebrook

There are nine constituencies: ( To Be Amended )

  1. Curraglass and Shanakill (6 seats)
  2. Carrigeen, Castleview, Glenatore, Belvedere and Kilcoran (3 seats)
  3. Modeligo, Clashagannive, Coolbawn and Currabeha (3 seats)
  4. Aghern, Ballybride and Ballymurphy (5 seats)
  5. Kilclare Lower, Bridepark and Carrigmore (4 seats)
  6. Kilclare Upper, Knocknagopple and Kilavorilla (5 seats)
  7. Curraheen and Monagown (3 seats)
  8. Conna (8 seats)
  9. Conna Hill and Castlebrook (4 seats)