Conna is situated in the Diocese of Cloyne and the Barony of Kinnatalloon, about 9 miles south east of Fermoy in north east County Cork.
It is a big rural parish with a population in excess of 3,000 inhabitants.
Conna, Ballynoe, Glengoura, Curraglass and Aghern are the principle regions.
Much of the Parish lies in the beautiful River Bride Valley.

It is rich in history and tradition as evidenced by its castles and the many books that have been written about it.
Conna is well known for its vibrant community spirit and voluntary organisations that provide many facilities to make life a better place for its residents.

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The Origins of Conna Community Council

A guild of Muintir na Tire was formed in Conna in 1943. The organisation evolved into an elected body in 1973 and became Conna Muintir Community Council.
The Council is now made up of 41 members.
Meetings are held once a month with an AGM every year and elections every 2 years.


The Aims Of Conna Community Council

  • To involve all the people in the area in the promotion of the Social Educational, Cultural and Economic Welfare of the whole Community regardless of Class, Creed or Political persuasion.
  • To create community awareness  and to work towards improved services and funding for the parish.
  • To keep the parishioners informed regularly of ongoing efforts to fulfil their duties on the Community Council.
  • To inform Conna parishioners with Community Council Newsletter, and announcements in local newspapers and parish news.